Asbestos Removal Bags

Introduction to Asbestos Removal Bags

Taking into account that asbestos is extremely dangerous, asbestos removal is a task that should never be taken lightly.  Removing asbestos from a building involves some risks, and it is very important to know that you should not do this yourself without professional help.  There are safety measures that need to be followed and there is protective equipment that needs to be used in order to remove asbestos from a building safely and without any risks of inhaling it.  As far as the equipment goes, asbestos removal workers must have appropriate breathing apparatuses.  Wearing only a dust mask cannot prevent small asbestos fibres from entering the lungs.  Another important part of protective equipment is safety clothing as well as asbestos removal bags.  Since this is a very serious job, every step of the process needs to be double checked.

How and Why Asbestos Removal Bags are Used

Before you begin working on asbestos removal, you need to know a few things.  Firstly, it is best that you hire a professional team of experienced workers to do this job instead of you.  However, there is always a possibility of doing the job yourself, which will be more cost effective, but it will involve certain risks and training.  Either way, usage of safety equipment is mandatory when removing asbestos.  

One of the most important pieces of this equipment is an asbestos removal bag.  These bags are used to safely store asbestos before it is appropriately destroyed.  Asbestos removal bags are usually made of polyethylene, a material which is great for storing hazardous waste.  When loading these bags, you should be careful not to overload them, and you should always make sure to double seal the bags and to put them somewhere safe and somewhere where there is no risk of sharp objects rupturing them.  After removing all the asbestos and storing it in bags, you will need to remove all your protective equipment and also put it in the bags, after which all the asbestos removal bags are taken to a landfill that is capable of disposing of these bags.

Manufacturers of Asbestos Removal Bags in the UK


  • Polystar Plastics Ltd. – they offer a wide range of different bags for sale, such as bin bags, garden sacks, compactor sacks and asbestos bags.  For example, a box of 100 small heavy duty asbestos removal bags with the capacity of 25 kg will cost you £24.50 and a box of 50 large extra heavy duty asbestos removal bags with the capacity of 30 kg will cost you £28.78.
  • Asbestos Equipment and Supplies – this company offers everything you need for the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.  Their offer includes adhesive signs and coating, personal protection equipment, masks, as well as polythene products such as waste bags and sheeting.  They have five different kinds of asbestos removal bags for you to choose from, with different dimensions and capacities.

Safely disposing asbestos is as important as safely removing it and you should always pay attention to laws and regulations regarding this subject, in order to preserve the environment.