Asbestos Removal Contractor

Introduction to Asbestos Removal Contractors

When one is looking forward to the removal of asbestos in one's home or building, it's best that one looks for an asbestos removal contractor as opposed to removing the asbestos themselves.  It is advisable that one enlists the services of a contractor in order to maintain a high level of safety and security from the negative effects of asbestos on health.  Enlisting the services of a contractor will allow one to be sure of their asbestos health status since when asbestos is heated it releases fibre that can cause negative health effects to the body.  The steps that a contactor follows in any asbestos repair and removal involve;

Enclosing the Area

The first thing that the asbestos removal contractor should do is to enclose the area where the asbestos is to be removed.  For small areas the covering may be done by the use of bags, but for large areas the covering should be done by the use of plastic sheets connected to the floor.  Upon enclosure the furniture and other household items should be removed from the house and also washed and vacuumed by the use of a HEPA vacuum.  Sealing is done to prevent the spread of asbestos from the working site to other locales and to avoid any contamination of surroundings.

Sealing of Ventilations

The air paths and ventilation of the area being worked on should be sealed to avoid the escape or hiding of asbestos fibre during the removal process.  Air ventilation or fans should be shut off when the process is being done.  During the removal of asbestos specially designed asbestos air purifiers and ventilation systems should be used by the asbestos removal contractor.  The specially designed air systems used in the removal of asbestos lower the pressure inside the work area thus preventing any asbestos fibre from escaping.

Proper Protective Gear

When removing the asbestos the asbestos removal contractor should make sure that whoever goes into the working area should have proper gear including approved respirators.  One should make sure that one wears proper clothing such as overalls, and they must be specially made such that they should not carry any asbestos fibres out.  If one is to enter the working area one should make sure that the clothing is cleaned properly or removed in accordance to the required steps.

Unauthorised personnel such as children should not be allowed in the site and the contractor is responsible for the people who enter the site.  If any other adult is to enter the site, they should be given a set of regulations to follow to avoid any mishaps.  They should also be dressed in protective gear.

Wet the Asbestos and Carefully Dispose

Whole working the asbestos removal contractor should keep the asbestos wet at all times to reduce the amount of fibres that might be released in the removal process.  Once the asbestos has been removed it should be placed in secure bags that have been approved by the EPA, they are usually 6mm thick.  They should then be placed in labelled boxes or drums until testing of the air is done.