Asbestos Removal Contractors Association

Introduction to the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association

Ever since asbestos has been proven to be dangerous for people, the activity of asbestos removal has been an activity in constant demand.  As the law of supply and demand requires, lots of asbestos removal contractors have appeared, ready to get you rid of that pestering toxin.  As a potential client, it's very hard to decide which one suits you best and which one provides actual quality work – especially when you are not particularly familiar with the field.  This is the reason necessity invented the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association.

Short Presentation

The ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) started out right around the time that asbestos became a real issue – 30 years ago (date of formation – July 1st, 1980).  Originally, it had only four members, but has now grown to incorporate around 250 members from all around UK.  Like any similar association, this organisation has the purpose of serving the interests of the asbestos removal contractors, but also to ensure that the current standards of asbestos removal are being respected by its members.  Before a company gets accepted in the ARCA, it has to go through the audit process.

The ARCA has members in just about every important location in the UK and organizes constant meetings between its members and official government representatives, making sure that the newest norms and regulations in the field are being acknowledged and respected by all of its members.  The association also provides training programs for its members' employees and publishes task manuals, regulations and presentations on asbestos removal.  On top of that, it can provide a list of associates dealing with activities that are usually linked to asbestos removal.

The Purpose of the ARCA

For an asbestos contractor, being part of a professional association is the equivalent of an accreditation and quality guarantee, which in turn will translate into more clients.  Also, the ARCA can provide the latest standards and can offer updates on the newest addition to the asbestos removal legislation – which can prove to be more cost-effective than hiring someone to provide that information.  Last but not least, a very useful database of associates providing related services might help improve customer experience – by sparing the customer the time they need to locate those providers themselves.

For a potential client of an asbestos removal contractor, the ARCA can prove to be even more useful.  As a regular person with no interactions and contacts with the constructions or asbestos removal industry, it can be very difficult to establish which company actually provides a quality service.  For instances where money can be an issue, it's very easy to be convinced to acquire the services of a company offering a lower price but also a lower quality service, which is something we can hardly afford to do in the case of health matters.  The admission into the ARCA involves a number of tests that need to be passed, proving that the members in the association have a much better chance of providing an effective service that is up to date on current standards and regulations.