Asbestos Removal Contractors

Introduction to Asbestos Removal Contractors

Construction companies heavily used asbestos in their building works before the 1970s for the simple reason that asbestos has got good sound absorption, high resistance to heat, and also to electrical and chemical factors, not to mention a very good tensile strength.  This means that if you live in a house that was built before the damaging effects of asbestos were acknowledged on a grand scale, it's a good idea to check for asbestos contamination.

Why Hire an Asbestos Removal Contractor

Asbestos detection and removal is a very delicate job.  First of all, before even thinking about doing this yourself, take into consideration that asbestos dust particles have the possibility of installing in your lungs without being detected for a very long period of time – so if you're handling this on your own, chances are that on top of maybe not properly eliminating the asbestos, you're also risking your life.

Second of all, even if you do have the necessary experience and knowledge on how to remove asbestos without endangering yourself in the process, the UK does have a set of regulations and norms that need to be followed.  An asbestos removal contractor is a worthwhile investment from every angle you may check: the health factor, the norms and regulations issue and the guarantee of a job well done by someone who has experience in the field.

How to Choose an Asbestos Removal Contractor

It is recommended to work with two different asbestos removal contractors.  The first company will test your house for asbestos.  They will identify if and where asbestos is located in your house and, at the end of the actual removal process, will determine if there's anything left.  The second company will carry out the actual asbestos removal process.

Most asbestos removal contractors will provide a certificate of safety – so make sure the company you hire will do that.  Before picking the company you will work with, check out your surrounding area and verify all the available contractors for contact information, insurance details, the amount of experience they have, the estimated cost (and after you've established the amount of asbestos in your house, exactly how much this specific job will cost), and licenses and certifications.  If possible, references from previous jobs will also prove helpful.  Try to see if the company covers all the job costs in their budget or if you'll need to pay extra to complete it.  Finally, the length of the actual process may also prove important.

Make sure that the company can come at a time when you and your family don't mind being away from the house – it's not recommended to live in it while the removal process takes place.  You should also let your neighbours and potential visitors know too – maybe even mark the area around the house so that you don't unintentionally endanger anyone.  As a last precautionary measure, turn off all the air conditioning in the house and seal any vents (although the asbestos removal company should also be checking for that aspect).