Asbestos Removal Jobs

An asbestos removal job in short consists of the process of clearing a building of any hazardous materials related to asbestos.  It can be a dangerous job if not done properly, for both the person doing it and the person doing the hiring, which is why all asbestos removing companies offer training and certification to their employees – which may later apply to other jobs involving hazardous materials.

What You Can Expect From Working in the Asbestos Removal Field

Hazardous removal jobs in general don't necessarily need more than GCSE qualifications, however most well-paying companies require certification and experience.  This will probably not spare you the training and introduction time, though.

There's more than one kind of asbestos removal job:

  • Asbestos abatement is the job that requires you to remove asbestos from buildings that are scheduled to be renovated or demolished.  These jobs require tools like scrapers and vacuums that are using filters and trapping mechanisms to help with the storage of the removed asbestos.  Asbestos abatement workers will constantly have to be careful to check the air quality, so that they know if at any time the environment becomes dangerous.
  • Lead abatement workers just remove lead, such as lead-based paint.  Tools that are used by lead abatement workers include sandblasters, chemicals, sharp knives and putties.  The lead is then placed in a storage container, isolated so that it does not contaminate nearby workers.  Just like workers doing asbestos abatement, lead abatement workers need to check the air quality on a constant basis.

Other activities part of the asbestos removal jobs may include assembling scaffolding, sealing off the working area with plastic sheets and duct tape, positioning mobile decontamination units or portable areas, building connecting walkways, positioning portable air evacuation and filtration systems, spraying chemical solution over the surfaces that are covered in asbestos and dismantling scaffolding and the temporary walkway.  Basically, a construction background will help with most of the additional activities, but is not mandatory.

Where You Can Find Asbestos Removal Jobs in the UK

  • JobIsJob - Has currently around 250 jobs available in the asbestos removal industry, including asbestos removal operatives, but also auditors and contracts managers.
  • Trovit – Has about 350 jobs published in the last month in the asbestos removal industry, including actual asbestos removal operatives but also auxiliary personnel.
  • FreeIndex - Has 14 jobs available in the asbestos removal industry – for both asbestos removal operatives and auxiliary personnel.
  • ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) - Has the advantage of promoting companies that are accredited in the field, therefore ensuring the quality standards for both clients and employees.  The published jobs are not very recent, however the company list is up to date and it is a way to differentiate one potential employer from another.
  • Future Select - Provides a link between asbestos removal contractors and asbestos removal workers.  It does not publish a list of available jobs, but by sending a CV, you might be able to find better jobs with contractors that might not publish their vacancies on websites.