Asbestos Removal Price

Asbestos is a very serious issue – in the long term, asbestos exposure causes cancer and its effects are so lasting that for some patients, it takes 60 years to show.  If you have any reason to believe that there's asbestos in any part of your house, it's very important to do all in your power to remove it.  It's even more important to make sure that, when the removal is being done, it's being done the right way – not only the sense that all the asbestos will be removed but that the removal process will not be harmful to you or anyone in the house.

The thing that you must remember is that asbestos in itself, undisturbed, can be harmless.  It's when asbestos dust and particles are in the air for us to inhale that it becomes harmful.  That doesn't mean not to remove the asbestos – it just means that when you do it you need to know exactly what to do so that you won't cause an even bigger problem by removing the asbestos than you have by it being there.  And, whether you like it or not, unless you work or know something about construction, that usually means hiring someone to do it for you.

Asbestos Removal Price Factors

Before you hire a company to remove the asbestos in your house, it might be a good idea to establish whether there is asbestos in your house.  To avoid a conflict of interest, it's recommended that you hire a completely different company to test your house for asbestos.  If you're lucky, there's no asbestos in your house, in which case the only price you'll pay for your peace of mind will be the testing company.

The cost of the asbestos removal in itself depends very much on how much asbestos you have in your house.  It can be found in many places like linoleum, ceiling plaster, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation and so on.  If you only have a small part, the cost of removal will be small – if not, prepare for a rather high price.

At the end of the asbestos-removal process, if you want to be extra sure, you might want to test your house again, which will also add to your total costs.

Before Removing the Asbestos

If you've done the tests and established that there is asbestos in your house which you do not want to leave as is, there's two options:

  • Remove the asbestos
  • Encapsulate the asbestos

The second option basically means isolating the asbestos, so that even if it stays where it is, it has no chance of endangering you or your family.  It is recommended to get price estimations on both these options – based on the position and the quantity of asbestos in your house, the encapsulation might be more cost-effective than the actual removal.  Also, it's recommended to get more than one quotation from an asbestos-removal company, before choosing who to go with.  Various companies determine their working price differently (some based on the surface of the house, others based on the job itself) and depending on what's in your house, some quotation procedures may suit you better than others.